Guerrilla Collective 2022 Day 2: All announced and shown including Nivalis and Coral Island


Guerrilla Collective 2022 Day 2: All announced and shown including Nivalis and Coral Island

Not satisfied with its weekend showcase, Guerrilla Collective returned today for a second show featuring even more games from creative and imaginative developers and publishers.

Check out all the new trailers and announcements below, and be sure to check out our roundup of everything announced in the first Guerrilla Collective Showcase.

Nivalis – First gameplay trailer revealed

Cloudpunk developer Ion Lands presented a gameplay trailer for their upcoming game Nivalis, set in the same cyberpunk city as their previous title. This neon-drenched slice-of-life game challenges you to build and manage a restaurant and nightclub empire in Nivalis, a city that stretches from the ocean to the clouds.

Coral Island – Launches in Early Access this October

A new trailer for Coral Island, a Stardew meets Animal Crossing community sim, revealed that players can begin saving the scenic island from the threat of corporate greed when an Early Access version releases on October 11th becomes.

Biwar Legends of Dragon Slayer Early Beta Announced

A new trailer for Biwar has opened up to the world with the Early Beta Announce Trailer, although the video didn’t say when we can expect it, so it’s probably best to keep an eye on the Steam page. The new gameplay featured what looks a bit like an indie fusion of God of War and Kena: Bridge of Spirits, with lots of puzzles, combat, and exploration. In the story we accompany Biwar on his journey through a mysterious forest to avenge his parents and hunt a mysterious dragon.

Lords of Ravage – Coming this November

A new gameplay overview trailer for Lords of Ravage revealed that it is set for release in November 2022. In the dark pixel art game you take on the guise of the final boss of a dungeon and you have to develop your own fighting style through turn-based battles to defeat the heroes who come for your throne.

Necrosmith – July release date announced

A detailed trailer for Necrosmith showed off a pixel art necromancer simulator where you create the dead you wish to raise while defending your tower. Combine body parts of different races to create an army strong enough to repel the enemy. It should arrive this July.

Above Snakes – Open Alpha Week Announced

Above Snakes is a western-inspired base builder set in an isometric, tile-based world. Explore different biomes and uncover the mysterious secrets buried within. From June 13th to June 20th, the alpha version is open for everyone to try out.

The Block – coming this year

A short gameplay trailer for The Block, a “bite-sized” city-builder where you create cute cityscapes on a small square tile, revealed that the game is due out this year.

Hell Pie – July release date announced

Hell Pie, Headup and Sluggerfly’s Conkers Bad Fur Day-esque demonic action-platformer, was featured in a Safe for Work trailer that censored pretty much a third of everything on screen. But from what we could see, expect the hand of God flipping the bird over, as well as a multitude of grossly farting putti. Something that wasn’t censored was the July 21st release date, when Hell Pie will land on Steam, Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch.

Spookulele – demo announced

Spookulele, the 3D action game where you have to play notes to fight ghosts, now has a demo you can try. Visit where you can try flashy ghost-hunting combos and fly around on a ukulele (an activity known locally as “ukeboarding”).

Please touch the artwork – Coming to Switch and VR

Developer Thomas Waterzooi announced that his relaxing puzzle game Please, Touch The Artwork will be coming to Nintendo Switch earlier this summer. A VR version is also in the works, although no date or headset platform has been announced.

Lost in Play – Gameplay Trailer

Rendered in a beautiful children’s cartoon style, Lost in Play puts you in the role of a brother and sister who must explore dreamscapes, befriend magical creatures and solve puzzles to find their way back home. Developed as an evolution of classic point-and-click games, Lost in Play features 30 different mini-games to keep the gameplay varied and fluid.

Glitch Busters: Stuck on You gameplay explained

Toylogic has unveiled a new trailer for Glitch Busters, a four-player co-op game in which you and your team work together to defeat a mysterious computer virus across different worlds. The key to all of this is magnets; They can hold onto each other to build towers leading up to the high ground, or move allies up so they can fall down for a ground slam attack. Levels vary by perspective, with 2D levels asking you to change the height of your tower or friend to avoid obstacles. Toylogic said it intends to release Glitch Busters later this year.

Elsie – Gameplay Trailer

Knightshift Games unveiled a new trailer for Elsie, a “neo-retro roguelike” with “Bullet Hell Ballet” gameplay. Coming to Steam and Switch, you’ll be able to explore a colorful procedurally generated world, using found weapons and precise parries to hunt down and defeat your enemies.

Wanderlost – Gameplay explanation trailer

Survive a zombie-infested world by gathering materials and crafting weapons and tools to build shelters and other weapons in this endearingly cheerful post-apocalyptic society.

Falling Out – Gameplay Trailer

Channeling the spirit of Spelunky, a new trailer for Falling Out showed off more gameplay from the randomized dungeon explorer. For those curious, a demo is currently available on Steam.

Endling: Extinction is Forever – Gameplay Trailer

Endling, which will be released on July 19, puts you in the paws of the last mother fox on earth. Teach your cubs how to survive this harsh world or your species will disappear forever.

Eville – Gameplay Explanation Trailer

New gameplay overview for an Among Us-like multiplayer game with social deduction. Commit murders or, if you’re a villager, find out who’s killing everyone before you become the next victim.

Ghostlore – Gameplay Trailer

A Diablo-inspired action RPG set in a Southeast Asian world. Play as a ghost hunter and develop your character in this 2D isometric world.

ORX – Gameplay Overview Trailer

Defend your kingdom from the enemy ORX in this tower defense deck building hybrid set in a dark fantasy world. You can expand territory and hire soldiers to defend your newly acquired lands.

Varvarion – Gameplay Trailer

Described as a high-speed blade-fighting stimulator, Varvarion certainly stimulates the eyeballs with his lively, fierce sword fights.

Research and Destroy – Gameplay Trailer

In this turn-based action game, you and some online or local friends destroy supernatural hordes with weapons you research in the field. It’s available now and there’s also a free demo on Steam.

Ninja or Die – Gameplay Trailer

Defeat supernatural threats by jumping and slashing with perfect timing. This dark pixel art ninja game is scheduled for release in 2023.

Captain Velvet Meteor: The Jump+ Dimensions gameplay trailer

In this tactical adventure game, you play Damien, an imaginative teenager who becomes Captain Velvet Meteor to deal with the stress and anxiety of moving to a new home.

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