iOS 16 lock screen: How to customize iPhone


iOS 16 lock screen: How to customize iPhone

The most notable update with iOS 16 is the ability to create custom lock screens. From widgets, fonts, photos, new wallpapers and more, follow us for a hands-on look at how to create a custom iOS 16 lock screen on iPhone.

iOS 16 is here, with the first developer beta launching shortly after Apple’s WWDC keynote. The next major software release for iPhone includes a range of handy features for Messages, Notifications, Photos, Mail, Safari and more.

However, what will likely draw the most attention is the new iOS 16 custom lock screen feature. It’s the most support for personalization we’ve seen from Apple with the iPhone, and builds on all the work it did with iOS 14 when it debuted widgets and some of its pretty Apple Watch faces.

iOS 16 is currently available as a developer beta. The free public beta of iOS 16 is scheduled for release in July. Learn more about installing iOS 16 in our complete guide.

iOS 16 lock screen: How to customize iPhone

  1. After installing iOS 16, Long press on your lock screen
  2. If you use an old wallpaper, you need to create a new one to create a custom lock screen
  3. Tap the blue + symbol in the lower right corner
  4. Choose a wallpaper from the top categories or swipe down to see all options
  5. Tap the + symbol under the time select widgets
    • Recommended widgets are at the top, more choices by category are below
  6. Tap the Time to adjust the font and color
  7. Tap the date to add a widget at the top
    • Choose from Calendar, Clock, Fitness, Reminders, Stocks and Weather

Here’s a hands-on look at the process:

If you tap the Customize button on an old background, you will be prompted to choose “Add New” to continue.

Photos can look really sharp with the new lock screen and you can even set it to rotate through your pictures with the Photo Shuffle wallpaper.

iOS 16 lock screen 2

You can add up to 4 small widgets, 2 small and 1 medium, or 2 medium widgets on the bottom of the lock screen.

The quickest way to add widgets is to tap them, but you can drag and drop them if you want to fine-tune placement.

iOS 16 lock screen 3

Tap the time to customize the font and color. Swipe right to left for more color options, as well as the full color palette for a fully custom shade.

iphone custom lock screen

You can also add 1 widget to the top day/date section, tap to select.

custom iphone lock screen 1

Tap the three dots icon at the bottom right to enable perspective zoom and beat Finished in the top-right corner when you’re done.

Back on the lock screen customization main page, you can also tap focus below to associate a specific one with that specific lock screen.

How do lock screen widgets work?

Once you place widgets on your lock screen, you’ll see live data whenever you glance at it. However, like the widgets on the home screen, they are not directly interactive. So tapping it takes you to the relevant app (Calendar, Weather, Reminders, etc.).

How many iOS 16 lock screens can you create?

You can always tap Customize to edit a lock screen or tap the blue + icon to create a new one.

It’s not entirely clear how many lock screens you can create, but so far I’ve created 21 😅.

How to change the lock screen

Similar to Apple Watch faces, once you have multiple lock screens, you can easily switch between them by long-pressing your lock screen and swiping to choose a different one.

How to delete custom lock screens

To remove custom lock screens, long press on one and select “Clear Wallpaper” at the bottom.

Delete lock screens

Lock screens and battery life?

The new weather and astronomy wallpapers in iOS 16 are really impressive, but remember that they ask for location access (which can update up to every 15 minutes), which can impact your iPhone’s battery life.

Astronomy and weather backgrounds

How are you looking forward to using the new iOS 16 lock screen? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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