NFL Blitz arcade games reboot as an exclusive Arcade1Up case


NFL Blitz arcade games reboot as an exclusive Arcade1Up case

That is the good news NFL Blitz‘s golden era of arcade games is coming back. The bad news is how limited this collection of popular games is going to be.

Play from the beginning lightning era ending with NFL Blitz 2000: Gold Edition, will soon be available to buy and play again in your home for the whopping price of $599.99 as part of a three-game collection in an Arcade1Up three-quarter scale arcade cabinet. The collection, dubbed NFL Blitz Legendsis available for pre-order (Arcade1Up, Best Buy) starting Monday, August 15 and is scheduled to ship to customers in October.

Less boom, still some shaka-laka

Unfortunately, these games have been edited in the years since their late ’90s heyday, and the changes could be deal-breakers for those who grew up with the original series’ over-the-top, WWE-like chaos in arcades and early 3D consoles like the N64 and Dreamcast. Arcade1Up has confirmed that this NFL game will no longer feature “a specific set of tackles,” with about 15 percent of football player collisions being cut out. Additionally, Everyone After-the-whistle hits have been disabled. Among the minor obvious changes so far are new textures drawn on the playfield and sidelines to add the Arcade1Up logo to the action.

The announcement suggests these changes were made “to support the NFL’s current player health and safety initiatives,” although it’s also possible that the changes were made to accommodate National Football League and Football licenses Greats Alliance (representing the likenesses of expired players). These two groups together probably have a vested interest in stopping promoting over-the-top football clashes. Curiously, the new collection’s trailers don’t show a single tackle taking place; Ahead of today’s announcement, Arcade1Up has provided a selection of Jerry Rice’s gameplay videos of the 49ers legend catching a pass and running untouched into the end zone.

The inclusion of real player names is the big selling point for this machine and is emphasized in the product by photos of six ’90s NFL stars appearing on either side of the cabinet. Arcade1Up has yet to say how many classic player names from all three supported games (NFL Blitz, NFL Blitz ’99, NFL Blitz 2000: Gold Edition) are missing due to licensing issues and whether the names of missing players are either hidden or like in Arcade1Up NBA jam Cabinet, simply named after other players (in this case, multiple people named “Deion Sanders” could be longing for the Dallas Cowboys, even if they have different stats).

We haven’t tried the cabinet yet, so we can’t comment on its four-player joysticks and buttons, or its arcade emulation abilities. For now, at least, the footage we’ve seen closely resembles the series’ arcade originals and includes beloved announcer Tim Kitzrow’s smug play-by-play commentary. Like other recent multiplayer releases from Arcade1Up, NFL Blitz Legends will include built-in online matchmaking, although like these other cabinets, online modes will be limited to Wi-Fi rather than offering support for hardwired Ethernet cables.

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