Nothing Phone: Carl Pei’s anti-iPhone Android falls into the OnePlus mainstream trap, but that’s OK!


Nothing Phone: Carl Pei's anti-iPhone Android falls into the OnePlus mainstream trap, but that's OK!

Nothing – a phone that seemed to come out of nowhere, trying to achieve something …

won’t launch until July 12, but thanks to some new leaks we already have a good idea of ​​what Carl Pei’s new creation will be – the specs, price and ambition of Nothing are all pretty much right on that now Table .

by Marques Brownlee. It’s two panes of Gorilla Glass held together by an aluminum frame and a ton of glue. In other words – a familiar telephone concept.

But without a doubt, the most remarkable thing about the Nothing phone is its transparent back covered with LED lights. Nine hundred to be exact – that’s 9-0-0. They can light up in different scenarios, e.g. B. when charging the phone itself or when using the back to wirelessly charge your earbuds. as a battery percentage indicator and even as a video recording indicator.

As you can see from the spec sheet, if we ignore the hype that’s built up around the Nothing Phone over the last year, it’s easy to think of it as a mid-range Android device with LEDs and a cheeky name that opens up a million different pun possibilities. I call them opportunities

But is that enough to get us into an extremely saturated phone market in 2022, where we have phones at every price point and with a dozen different selling points? Let me tell you why I question Nothing’s idea of ​​a competitive mid-range phone and why, despite my reservations, I remain optimistic about Carl Pei’s Phone 1… Let’s go!

Carl Pei’s Nothing Phone 1: Flagship Killer 2.0 – OnePlus (almost) again…

Before we dive into the nerdy little things, I can’t help but give terrific credit to Nothing’s marketing campaign. Sure, it’s a well-known marketing campaign. OK, painfully familiar.

But it’s the same pest Strategy that made OnePlus one Hype machine… The slow but steadily progressing mythic trait is revealed on social media; the direct way in which the company intends to address its audience; and the overachievement nature that is so typical of a startup. Check, check and check….

Unsurprisingly, it seems to be working quite well so far! The exclusive hands-on YouTube video of the Nothing phone has over 6.5 million views, which is as impressive as it gets for an unreleased phone. However, there are a few things that might challenge Carl Pei’s idea of ​​a Flagship Killers 2.0and some of them are pretty obvious. Name them with me:

  • The Nothing Phone will not be available in North America (nor was the OnePlus One)
  • The Nothing Phone is sold through an invite-only system (like the OnePlus One).
  • The Nothing Phone won’t be a direct flagship competitor in terms of overall specs and price (despite the fact that flagship phone sales are hitting a new high from Q1 2022).
But of course that’s not the end of the story…

The Nothing community (consisting in part of OG OnePlus users) is behind Carl Pei & Co

Despite the inevitable availability issues with a small team of 300 people, Pei & Co have the attention of nearly 200,000 people who have signed up to pre-order the Nothing Phone 1. Here are some enthusiastic YouTube comments from March when Pei announced the Nothing Phone:

  • Focus on better repairability. Do not lock the hardware.
  • The same applies to software. Let people play with it, don’t make it a super closed system.
  • price reasonable. DO NOT get greedy. Money will gradually come with other services as well.
  • Build a great ecosystem (I know you work for it).
  • Always be young, energetic, don’t get lazy at some point and only make your product to sell. Make it innovative and compelling.
  • Make a Model “X” of your phone that can be very feature rich… like your phone enthusiast test bed.

In short, many root for nothing to succeed. Some of them are literally calling for support for Pei; Some believe he could be the modern day Steve Jobs, and some even have an elaborate vision of what Nothing would lead to total takeover…

But will lightning strike Pei twice and would that be good or bad?

Will Carl Peis Nothing fall into the same “mainstream trap” as OnePlus?

The answer is… absolutely no. Because quite unlike 2013 OnePlus, nothing already is a mainstream brand…

It’s a public secret – Carl Pei is gone OnePlus because its desired vision of what a “disruptive phone” should look like could no longer be realized on the scale that OnePlus had achieved. While some might forget, technically OnePlus wasn’t Pei’s only attempt at creating a brand with a purposeful mission.

If you remember the way OnePlus Nord launched, you know it was a very similar campaign to the Nothing Phone launch. The Nord was and is its own brand – it has separate social media accounts from OnePlus, and the very existence of the budget Nord range is basically OnePlus and Pei admitting that their most popular phones are no longer “flagship killers.” “ are, but simple flagships.

Then when we go way back and look at the original OnePlus One we would see this was a phone that had an actual target audience and also a clear mission. The original OnePlus was the phone for Android enthusiasts and modders. It was literally running the highly customizable CyanogenMod instead of Google’s version of Android, a locked-down operating system like Apple’s, or a messy overlay like Samsung’s TouchWiz.

But of course that had to change. As it grew, OnePlus sought a broader appeal, but guess what! This is what happens when a company starts to expand.

BBK, the powerful parent company of OnePlus, which also happens to own Oppo, Vivo and Realme, did Never go to settle for less. Wink, wink. The difference now is that nothing is already there – beyond hero level. But that doesn’t mean the company can’t win. But on the contrary…

Nothing Telephone (1): Carl Pei will never settle down

Yesthe Nothing phone is a confused “iPhone competitor” (by Pei’s own ambition) that has absolutely no chance of stealing from iPhone users Apple. For one thing, the Nothing Phone 1 isn’t a flagship device and it’s still running… Android. If you don’t believe in the allure of Cupertino, ask Android phone makers how Samsung and Google if it’s easy to compete with Apple…For realthe Nothing phone seems like just another android trying to be something it isn’t, and that’s because of Pei’s eternal notion of things that have to be.Firmly” and phones that must “be fun“. His Twitter bio literally says, “Let’s get tech fun again!”…

but the The Nothing Phone is confronted with smartphone problems fix? Is it easy to fix? Super durable? Is it the most sustainable phone out there? Does the battery last three days? Does it carry a groundbreaking camera sensor like that Xiaomi 12S Ultra? No not true. And that’s okay!

Nothing Phone should pride itself on being mainstream

I’m just trying to say that actually I am how how the Nothing phone is evolving! It’s a budget device that happens to look attractive and different enough. For example, it has flat sides (post-iPhone ironically), a bold rear view (totally badass in black), and somewhat thick but symmetrical display bezels, which I prefer to the opposite approach, which manufacturers get wrong 9/10 times.

Yes! I say I like what I see! It took me a minute to get on board with the design, but I’m here now. However, it’s the bizarre notion behind the Nothing phone that makes it seem so… ashamed to be what it is. It’s a mainstream phone trying to appeal to the masses by denouncing other mainstream phones for being…too mainstream. Just watch how Pei is passive and sometimes active aggressive Keynote which is literally called… “THE TRUTH”. All caps.

Anyway, here’s hoping Nothing’s launch goes smoothly… you know – despite Carl’s obsession with being a good guy. Because if we get another one after a whole season of teasers rushed android phone full of bugs and a taillight show, existing value champions from established brands like the Galaxy S21 FE, Google Pixel 6 and iPhone 12 (€450-550) will make Nothing’s mission to success even more impossible than it already looks. Besides the Google Pixel 6A and Google Pixel 7 is now knocking on the door too…

But you know what… I’m firing at nothing! Get Peid, Carl.

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