Resident Evil 4, Stray, Final Fantasy XVI


Resident Evil 4, Stray, Final Fantasy XVI

It's like the year 2005 is all over again

Finally we can close, after a few quiet months, that the Summer Video Game Hype Season has really begun as Sony followed suit with its huge State Of Play press conference today – just a week before Geoff Keighley’s Summer Games Fest, which we can safely assume will bury us all in an avalanche of will be game trailer very soon.

However, the PlayStation company has made a good attempt to start the impromptu funeral today by releasing a series of exclusive and big titles that will be released in either a couple of weeks or next year, depending on where they are in the hype cycle are . (We also have a few more tidbits of info on the PSVR 2, which is getting a lot resident Evil content whenever it actually comes out; how eternally hopeful adopters of the original hardware, we can’t help but hope for a successful start for the new one.)

Anyway, here are the biggest trailers from today’s State Of Play:

Resident Evil 4

Normally, it would be a bit of an indictment of a bunch of trailers if their arguably most exciting entry was a remake of a 17-year-old game. But the new Resident Evil 4 is a bit different, both because Capcom’s previous rEmakes of the franchise’s early entries were all generally fantastic, and because Resident Evil 4 is good… Resident Evil 4. Seeing the classic game run in the company’s latest engine is undeniably exciting. We can’t wait to see how iconic sequences like the Village Attack or Hut Defense look and feel when this new take on an old favorite comes out next year.

Final Fantasy XVI

When we first got a look at the 16th main series final fantasy game in 2020, it was notable for how much game of Thrones DNA had apparently slipped into the show’s standard mix — what with all the dark violence, washed-out colors, and political manoeuvres. All of that stuff can still be seen in the game’s new “Dominance” trailer, but there’s plenty of eye candy too, especially in the form of a focus on the series’ beloved summons, which now behave almost like kaiju when war breaks out and play out quarrels under their feet. Add in a combat system that looks like an evolution of the series’ action-heavy work Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Stranger of Paradiseand it’s an intriguing package currently slated for June Arrival 2023.


“Adorable Cat Explores the Robot World” has always been an easy sell for many people; There’s a reason Stray did our list of the most anticipated games for 2022. Now we finally have a slightly better look at what playing BlueTwelve Studio’s futuristic exploration game will entail: Lots of wandering around, some sneaking, and some very cute cat noises. It is not yet clear how much Stray will actually add up once we get our hands on it, but the trailer certainly promises something unconventional.

street fighter 6

Let’s start with the biggest bullet point in the new street fighter 6 Trailer: Ryu Now Has Papa-Bod! More interesting is the Capcom Franchise seems to be taking over its single player gameplayPlay seriously for once and add in a story mode where you run around a city doing things that literally nobody asked for. Besides that, SF6 looks big, colorful, and tech-savvy, which is probably exactly what fans of the franchise were hoping for with their latest big return.


Honestly, wWe have never played one of the Roll 7 super slicks OlliOlli skating games and thought, “Oh my gosh, this would be better with some guns in there.” But then again, we hadn’t seen a trailer as eye-catching as it was exclusive to PS5 either Rollerdromethat brings together the animation aping look of the latest studio releases OlliOlli world and marries it with old-school Deathmatch-like gameplay. Of course, the success of the game depends on how it feels in your hands, but the trailer is one hell of a first impression.

The Callisto Protocol

You can tell this is a new sci-fi horror game from a previous one Empty room Developers because the main character has a light bar on his back that shows you how much the monsters have eaten him.

But we’re joking The Callisto Protocolwho is not afraid to show his Empty room Influences – and why should that be? This franchise may have died an unworthy death, but its early installments are still unassailable, and The Callisto Protocol seems to reproduce the “haunted by horrors on a dead spaceship” vibe very well.

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