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Satechi recently launched its latest Mac accessory aimed at fixing Apple’s latest M1 iMac’s most inconvenient feature. Packed in an aluminum design that rests on the desktop computer’s stand, the new Satechi iMac Slim Dock brings an M.2 NVMe chassis and more ports to the front. But is it worth the premium price? Our newest Tested with 9to5Toys Review takes a closer look at what to expect.

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Satechi iMac Slim Dock with a practical look

Satechi’s latest addition to its Apple line of accessories comes with a single device in mind. Focused on the latest M1 iMac, the Satechi iMac Slim Dock complements the desktop’s slim design with its own optimized footprint that adds a few extra ports to the base of Apple’s latest screen-based desktop computer.

An aluminum body houses six ports including 10Gb/s USB-C/A inputs, SD card reader and more. The Satechi iMac Slim Dock inherits the functionality of some other desktop accessories and also has an M.2 NVMe SSD enclosure to round it out $149.99 Package. But is it worth choosing that high price point over a Thunderbolt-based alternative? Let’s take a closer look.

Here’s a closer look at the datasheet:

  • Designed exclusively for 2021 iMac (24-inch) models to add additional data storage space and expand your USB ports for fast data transfer and peripheral access
  • The tool-less NVMe SATA NGFF enclosure allows for quick and easy installation of your M.2 NMVe SSDs or M.2 SATA SSDs
  • Available in silver and blue, the sleek aluminum design of the Slim Dock is the perfect complement to your iMac 2021

The recording of 9to5Toys

After its release late last month, Satechi was kind enough to send me one of the new iMac Slim Docks to try out. I’m one of the many writers here at 9to5 who drive an M1 iMac every day, so I was excited to see how the latest accessory would enhance what is already a capable desktop.

Satechi’s iMac Slim Dock, like many of the brand’s accessories, immediately stands out with its premium construction right out of the box. The entire unit consists of an aluminum body that comes in one of two different colors. I wear the blue style to match its matching iMac counterpart, but there’s also a silver colorway that should go better with some of the other colors in Apple’s stable.

Aside from the impeccable build quality, the best part of the new version has to be the actual form factor itself. Many other brands have released iMac-specific docks in the past, almost all of which have a design that attaches to the bottom of the screen. Satechi, on the other hand, plays things differently with a dock that rests directly on your machine’s stand.

A number of ports are packed into this design, but there’s nothing that quite compares to a full Thunderbolt 4 hub. So if you’re going down the I/O list and don’t see it as a replacement for a more capable one-size-fits-all accessory, but just as a way to circumvent the inconveniences of those rear-facing ports, this is a notable option.

There are a total of six slots to expand your M1 device. The Satechi iMac Slim Dock has two USB 2.0 slots on the back that are perfect for mouse or keyboard dongles and the like, with things getting more interesting on the side. First up is a 10Gbps USB-C slot, which is joined by a USB-A counterpart with the same specs. Then a pair of SD and microSD card readers complete the kit.

However, the bottom is the final piece of the puzzle that makes the Satechi iMac Slim Dock so compelling. Removing the magnetic disk on the left reveals a spot that can be placed in an NVME drive. Satechi seems to have learned from previous reviews to only support SATA-based drives, as this time the company has unlocked the full 10Gb/s speeds required to use an M.2 SSD. It’s a great feature that hides extra storage in the rest of the sleek build.

All of that praise is still to say that the Satechi iMac Slim Dock is one of the more expensive options out there $149.99. That being said, it’s as well-rounded an experience as you’ll find from a third-party accessory, and well worth the entry fee in my book. Satechi has a reputation for making accessories that are the perfect Apple companions, and that feeling has never been truer than with the iMac Slim Dock.

It’ll easily join the likes of the Twelve South Backpack, which I previously discussed as one of the must-have accessories for any M1 iMac owner, thanks to its fusion of must-have features with a stylish exterior.

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