Street Fighter 6’s leaked roster looks surprisingly good


Street Fighter 6's leaked roster looks surprisingly good

A group of martial artists, including Ryu and Chun-Li from Street Fighter, stand ready to fight.

Jamie, Chun-Li, Luke and Ryu have been officially revealed, but their fellow fighters can’t wait to be seen.
picture: Capcom

That current state of affairs included a quick look at street fighter 6, which is currently slated for a 2023 launch. But a new Capcom fighting game often means we’re in stock for some Capcom fighting game leaks. This time, it took just a few hours to create a work of art from what appeared to be a sizable chunk of the street fighter 6 Roster to appear online.

The images in question (check them out here) began circulating on social media on Thursday night, revealing several characters that will be playable in street fighter 6. Ryu, Chun-Li and Luke are of course there with their updated designs, as are well-known newcomers Jamie and Kimberly, but don’t let that fool you: this is a massive deal that could potentially take months from Capcom’s drip-feed marketing plans for the game.

kotaku contacted Capcom for comment, but received no response prior to publication.

All in all the street fighter 6 Leak pulls back the curtain on nearly 20 individual characters, including series veterans like Ken, Zangief, Dhalsim, E. Honda, Blanka, Guile, Cammy, Dee Jay, Rashid, Juri, Ed, and Akuma. The real excitement, at least in my opinion, comes from the fresh faces standing alongside the vintage cars I’ve done my best to describe in the list below.

  • Marisathe most striking of them all (and possibly an attempt by Capcom to further capitalize on the internet giant lady fixation), is a statuesque Italian with an MMA-esque outfit and a serious case of helmet hair.
  • French debutante MimiShe with her judo outfit gives me a big “Abel from Street Fighter IV” Vibes despite much better style.
  • Lilly is a Mexican girl wearing indigenous robes and wielding a pair of clubs, possibly based on the Aztec quauholōlli.
  • A lot of people seem to think JPan elegant Russian, is connected Street Fighter III‘s Q and Street Fighter Vis G somehow. All I know is that the peachy suit works for him.
  • Kimberlywho was prominently teased at the end of yesterday street fighter 6 Presentation, will be the first playable black woman in the series. I really love her giant pigtails and walkman.
  • And finally, AKI is an assassin-looking character from China who has been matched in name and appearance Street Fighter V Villain CATCH

Update 6/3/2022 2:51pm ET: In addition to the leaked images, two videos have surfaced online. The first features Cammy (interestingly in her signature leotard rather than the pants seen on the artwork) perform a super movewhile the second is a quick look at a street fighter 6 Menu. The latter also seems to indicate that Mimi, the new French fighter, could actually be called Manon, a common female name in their country.

It’s always wise to be skeptical about such things, but there are many signs pointing in the right direction street fighter 6 Leak is legitimate.

While I couldn’t locate the original source – my research ended in a dead end on a random Discord server where the images uploaded for more than an hour before they appeared on sites like Twitter, Reddit, and 4chan – the artwork was nearly perfect corresponds to a months old leak from a known insider. street fighter 6 Assets released alongside yesterday’s preview also suggest several of these characters are in the game, from obvious choices like Cammy and Guile to pre-leak mysteries Kimberly and Marisa.

I am confident that this leak is the real deal. And if not, it’s the work of an incredibly skilled artist who was fortunate enough to have matched Capcom’s official designs based on only vague descriptions quickly enough to produce so much artwork so soon after street fighter 6 presentation or both.

However, a few questions remain. It’s still unclear if all of these characters will be in the street fighter 6 starting list or if they are to be distributed piecemeal by subsequent updates. Additionally, we don’t know for sure if all of them made it through the design phase, although the consistent aesthetic and presentation lead me to believe this is an internal advantage that escaped the leaky ship of the Capcom fighting game team way too soon.

At least this one street fighter 6 Leak is already building hype among fans that more official showings have largely failed to attract. I’m not sure Capcom and their outside contractors are up to the task of translating these incredible designs into 3D just based on how ugly some of the characters in them are Street Fighter V turns out, but I’m cautiously optimistic about the franchise for the first time in years.

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