The Last Of Us PS5 Remake Graphic Vs Last Of Us PS3 Graphic


The Last Of Us PS5 Remake Graphic Vs Last Of Us PS3 Graphic

Ellie in the Last of Us PS5 stands next to Ellie in the Last of Us PS4.

screenshot: Naughty Dog / Kotaku

News of a video game remake is always the beacon for a hurricane of discourse. Has it really been that long? Do this game Yes, really deserve a reissue? This week is the eye of the storm The last of uswhile fans debate whether the graphics of the remake just unveiled look measurably better than the original.

Announced last night during Hot Geoff Summer kickoff showcase, The Last of Us Part I is a complete remake of The last of usNaughty Dog’s seminal apocalyptic action game for PlayStation 3. (Sony accidentally leaked the existence of the remake a few hours before the show to take some wind out of the official unveiling. Naughty Dog is too Development of a standalone multiplayer last of us spin off.) part Onewhich features improved graphics and “modernized gameplay” will be released on September 2nd for PlayStation 5 and at a later date for PC.

When The last of us Released in 2013, it was widely considered the pinnacle of graphic fidelity for its time. The remastered version for PlayStation 4 released in 2014 looks even better. You could argue that at least in times of declining returns for graphic fidelity The Last of Us Remastered is quite a modern looking game.

Two sides of the debate around The Last of Us Part IThe visuals of can be summed up by one of two statements made in response to Naughty Dog’s announcement part One on twitter:

  • “This doesn’t look much better than the remaster,” said one person wrote.
  • “The difference is incredible” wrote Another.

At the moment, Twitter is flooded compare to adjacent images The Last of Us Part I to his predecessors. Some crushed screenshots of the remake versus the 2013 original where the muddier graphics are obviously stronger. Others use the remaster as a starting point, which feels like comparing a very pretty game to one very pretty Game.

Some people acknowledge visual improvements while also expressing disappointment at the changes in artistic direction that these improvements bring. For example, Joel, the protagonist, looks more weathered and tired in the remake and bears a closer resemblance to his character model from the 2020s The Last of Us Part IItakes place a few years after the events of the first game.

The revelation also has raised some questions about whether or not a remake of a relatively new – and relatively good-looking – game is worth committing to Sony’s resources. Naughty Dog, one of Sony’s most reputable first-party studios, could be working on it anything otherwise right now whether that is another entry in its popular Unexplored Series or an extension for The Last of Us Part II. (Last night, Naughty Dog’s Neil Druckmann said he’s heading up a new project at the studio, but didn’t share any further details.)

Others have unsubstantiatedly claimed that a remake isn’t Naughty Dog’s passion project, but part of a Sony-led marketing push for the forthcoming television adaptation. (During last night’s event, Druckmann, the show’s executive producer, teased a single production that starred Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey cowering in a dimly lit room.) The series, which is currently in production at HBO, has no release date.

There’s logic behind the idea that Sony wants to stir up excitement for newcomers and refresh the memories of longtime fans ahead of the show’s upcoming premiere. However, it is purely speculative. Sony did not respond to a request for comment.

To be clear, I’m not entirely sure where I stand on all of this! That’s a question for Future Me. I mean, who knows! Maybe last of us feels like a whole new game with controls brought up to 2022 standards. Perhaps the graphics on PS5 will pop in a way I can’t fathom until I play it in action. These are the things that cannot reasonably be judged until a game is over.

But there’s one affront I can appreciate pretty damn well today: $$$$. The Last of Us Part I is listed at soon to standard price for next-gen games, with editions ranging from $70 for the base all the way up to $100 (with the pricier editions including a ton of in-game perks and gear on the fly). PS5 owners who Subscribe to PS Plus can currently get The Last of Us: Remastered free of charge. It is one of the games in the PS Plus Collection.

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