This is how much graphics cards should cost based on their performance alone


This is how much graphics cards should cost based on their performance alone

AMD and NVIDIA, it’s time for price cuts

With GPU prices falling rapidly, 3DCenter came up with the idea of ​​comparing official suggested retail prices with actual graphics card performance.

This is a glimpse of how much each card should cost based on performance alone. Value for money is calculated by 3DCenter’s 4K Index, meticulously collected data based on a long list of reviews.

With graphics cards becoming cheaper and available through multiple channels, one can now choose between a range of different custom models or even consider competing from other brands. This is especially true for high-end models, which have been among the first cards to see a significant price drop in recent weeks.

It’s also no secret that many cards, mainly released in 2021, were overpriced from the start. Both AMD and NVIDIA have opted for grossly inflated MSRPs because these cards would never sell at a lower price anyway. However, it’s about time both companies realized their pricing is no longer good relative to actual performance.

According to calculations by 3DCenter, which took the RTX 3070 as a reference point, most of NVIDIA’s high-end models are overpriced and should cost significantly less. However, mid-range and low-end models from the NVIDIA lineup could be considered budget, particularly the RTX 3060 Ti model that offers better performance than its cost. This is also why many board partners didn’t stock a 3060 Ti for many months, it was just too powerful for its price and board partners could easily sell more expensive SKUs in its place.

In fact, the situation in the GPU market has changed so much that NVIDIA is said to no longer deliver its RTX 3080 12GB model to board partners. The reason given by leaker MEGAsizeGPU is the price compared to the RTX 3080 Ti. However, NVIDIA has never publicly confirmed the 3080 12GB MSRP.

The RTX 3090 series is among the most affordable cards in the entire comparison. Both cards are sold above $1000 USD, while their actual prices should be below that. However, anything below the RTX 3080 Ti is actually within 10% of the “Fair Price” index, which in most cases means a slight overstatement or a perfect (100%) balance between MSRP and card performance (but keep that in mind when it comes to RTX 3070).

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 MSRP vs. “Fair Price” RRP 4K performance index Perf./List Fair price
Geforce RTX 3090 Ti $1999 408% 41% $814
GeForce RTX3090 $1499 376% 50% $750
Geforce RTX 3080 Ti $1199 366% 61% $731
GeForce RTX3080 12GB ? ~344% $687
Geforce RTX 3080 10GB $699 330% 94% $659
Geforce RTX 3070Ti $599 271% 90% $541
Geforce RTX 3070 $499 250% 100% $499
Geforce RTX 3060 Ti $399 217% 109% $433
Geforce RTX 3060 $329 165% 100% $329
Geforce RTX 3050 $249 ~114% 91% $228
Performance/Price normalized to GeForce RTX 3070 derived from “fair list prices”

For the AMD Radeon RX 6000 series, the RX 6800 and 6800 non-XT seem to be the most affordable models considering their performance. However, the inflated RRP prices for RDNA2 aren’t really far from the “fair price” index, especially in the middle of the stack. This is not the case with enthusiast and low-end models. The RX 6950XT should cost $735 based on this analysis, while the RX 6400 should fall to the $107 level.

One should keep in mind that performance is not always the only thing to consider. This is especially true for flagship cards that come with sophisticated board designs, massive cooling solutions, or other features. That certainly adds an additional cost to board partners that can’t be calculated based on framerate alone.

AMD Radeon RX 6000 MSRP vs. “Fair Price” RRP 4K performance index Perf./List Fair price
Radeon RX6950XT $1099 368% 67% $735
Radeon RX6900XT $999 348% 70% $695
Radeon RX6800XT $649 322% 99% $643
Radeon RX6800 $579 278% 96% $555
Radeon RX6750XT $549 234% 85% $467
Radeon RX6700XT $479 221% 92% $441
Radeon RX6650XT $399 167% 84% $333
Radeon RX6600XT $379 159% 84% $317
Radeon RX6600 $329 ~134% 81% $267
Radeon RX6500XT $199 (~71%) 71% $140
Radeon RX6400 $159 (~54%) 67% $107
Performance/Price normalized to GeForce RTX 3070 derived from “fair list prices”
Performance values ​​of the Radeon RX 6400 & 6500 XT based on FullHD performance and their distance to the Radeon RX 6600

One thing is for sure, the GPU price drop is more to be expected now than ever. Unfortunately, neither AMD nor NVIDIA are officially preparing one, but board partners are eagerly awaiting such upcoming announcements. However, time is of the essence as the large stock of RTX 30/RX6000 cards no longer comes as a surprise to anyone, retailers now have just 3 months to sell the majority of current-gen cards before gamers’ attention shifts transferred to the next generation.


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