Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Rare Item has a 1 in 85 billion chance


Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Rare Item has a 1 in 85 billion chance

A fate maker wields a shotgun in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands.

screenshot: Transmission / 2K

A decade ago, Gearbox famously marketed its new loot shooter Borderlands 2 with a flashy phrase: “87 Bazillion Guns”. It was obviously a joke. But the latest entry in the series, Tiny Tina’s Wonderland, a similarly conspicuous number has recently surfaced. This week, a player stumbled across a piece of gear that is said to have a 1 in 85 billion chance of being dropped.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlandwhich released in March for consoles and PC, maintains the series’ fondness for raunchy humor and random weapon drops. Beyond its fantasy-inspired repaint, wonderland introduces some changes to the standard border areas, including some behind-the-scenes adjustments to the speed at which loot falls; legendary weapons, the highest level, are less than 2019 borderland 3for example.

Beyond Legendary Drops, wonderland has the ability to spawn gear that has been upgraded with permanent additional modifiers. If you’re playing in Chaos mode – a challenge setting that applies a number of difficulty modifiers to the game – you have a chance of finding chaotic gear that has higher damage than standard gear. Then there’s Ascended Gear, which is widely considered to be the best tier in the game as it spawns with higher than average passive stats. That border areas Stromer Moxsy stumbled upon what players consider to be probably the rarest item in the game: a Amalgam Class Mod that’s both leveled up and has perfect stat rolls.

Transmission / Moxsy

The Amalgam class mod is such a coveted item because it comes with five random bonus stats, compared to the three you typically get with most class mods (even high tier ones). The version found by Moxsy is in border areas Fashion, a sip of RNG modifiers: Amalgam of the Ascended Warlock’s glorious purpose. It also happened that there were “perfect” statistics for each of the five slots.

His reaction right now sums it up: “Woooooaaahhhhh. Wooooooooooaaaaaaahhhhh!”

Seriously, look at these stats: a 29.7% bonus up Everyone Damage, plus a 49.% bonus to spell damage on top and another 27.7% bonus to area of ​​effect damage on top, alongside a 59.3% chance to critically hit with spells or abilities. It also happened that Moxsy’s primary class (Spellshot, 52.6% boost) and secondary class (Graveborn, 26.3% boost) dealt additional damage.

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“I was very lucky that mine rolled with all the damage stats,” Moxsy told Kotaku. “They can also roll defensive and useful stats.”

That Moxsy stumbled upon such a rare find is a stroke of luck reserved for lottery winners. Continue the official Tiny Tina’s Wonderland discord, players comb through the code and other game data to assess and share key insights in everyone’s common never-ending quest for fine-tuned min-maxing. Passive stats for wonderland gear appear so-called “clusters”, set the groupings of stats that cannot appear together on the same piece of gear. For example, if you get a movement speed bonus for a shield, according to community research, that shield cannot give your companions an increase in their chances of a critical hit. these statistics exist in the same cluster.

One of the most definitive theoretical rundowns from wonderland Weapon rarity is courtesy of border areas YouTuber Constant Canadianwhere the number “one in 85 billion” comes from:

Transmission / ConstantCanadian

Yes, my head hurts too. Luckily, both Moxsy and ConstantCanadian broke the math down for me:

  1. There are six classes wonderland. High-level class mods usually give bonuses to both your primary and secondary classes. Since there are six classes wonderlandthe Amalgam had a 1/6 chance to roll as a Spellshot in the primary form and another 1/5 chance to roll as a Graveborn in the secondary form. That is 1/30.
  2. Chance of having three skills with all five points spread evenly works too 1/243.
  3. Do you remember these clusters? Getting perfect stats in five categories breaks down as follows: 1/19, 1/14, 1/11, 1/8 and 1/5 – or, all together, 1/117.040.
  4. Ascended gear has 1 percent, or 1/100chance to fall.
  5. Multiply all those numbers by 100 (“for percent,” Moxsy said) and you end up with 0.00000000117%, which is what you get 1/

“Moxsy’s Amalgam is the rarest object in wonderlandbut technically, so is any amalgam,” said ConstantCanadian kotaku. “Imagine: there are 85 billion different possible variations of amalgam, and Moxsy happened to get these.”

The vanishingly low drop rate does not refer to the item itself, but rather to the coincidence that a flawless version of it spawned for Moxsy’s character. However, he noted that this formula doesn’t technically account for some extremely in-the-weeds variables, like the RNG weight applied to class-weighted abilities. As a result, Moxsy estimates that the drop rate for the Amalgam of this Ascended Warlock’s glorious destiny could really be closer to around one in 26 billion, but that’s a all another can of beans.

“At the end of the day, the exact odds are very difficult to calculate accurately,” he admitted. “But the consensus is that it is at least one in a billion for a specific Ascended Amalgam class mod.”

When asked for comment, Gearbox representatives were unable to provide specific dates.

In terms of pure numbers, anything with three commas is undoubtedly impressive, but it undeniably marks a turning point for border areas. The series has always offered players a glimmer of hope – the notion that if you play enough or fight the same specific boss repeatedly, you could eventually stumble upon the gear of your dreams. (Moxsy said the hardest items to find Borderlands 2for example, are a no-brainer compared to some of these exceedingly rare finds wonderland.”)

“Borderlands is all about hunting this rare piece of loot and it’s extremely exciting to get it,” said Moxsy. “Obviously that’s too rare.”

Whether we’re talking about one in 26 billion or one in 85 billion doesn’t matter; At this point we are right in the Number Big area. There is no way to intentionally search for a piece of gear at these drop rates. It’s pure luck. In short, to invent and play immortality wonderland For the rest of eternity there is no way to guarantee that you will get a piece of gear with these odds. Plus, while the stats are of course terrific, you don’t get it the much of an advantage in battle.

“Worth the effort?” said ConstantCanadian. “Absolutely not!”

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